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class  generalUtils::GeneralUtilsException
class  generalUtils::ApplicationException
class  generalUtils::Display
class  generalUtils::ScreenDisplay
class  generalUtils::FileDisplay


namespace  generalUtils


def generalUtils::activateNameCompletion
def generalUtils::displayDic
def generalUtils::displayList


string generalUtils::_file__ = ''
string generalUtils::__title__ = 'This is the general module, which contains everything which is the least specific to any project: all generic and all purpose code should end up here.'
string generalUtils::__version__ = '0.1'
string generalUtils::__author__ = 'Olivier Boudeville ('
string generalUtils::__project__ = 'Ceylan'
string generalUtils::__creationDate__ = '2004, January 31'
string generalUtils::__comments__ = "Curiously enough, making an inherited method private does not override base class' one: Display.display could not be Display.__display if subclasses were to be able to redefine it."
string generalUtils::__source__ = 'Mark Pilgrim,, and al.'
string generalUtils::__doc__ = '\n'
int generalUtils::true = 1
int generalUtils::false = 0
tuple generalUtils::temp = ScreenDisplay()

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