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def __init__
def display
def info
def debug
def warning
def error
def innerDisplayStandard
def indent
def desindent
def blankLine
def status
def __call__
def setVerbosity

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string prefixForKeyMessages = "--"
int offsetIncrement = 4
string normalPrefix = ''
string infoPrefix = 'Info: '
string debugPrefix = '--> Debug: '
string warningPrefix = 'Warning: '
string errorPrefix = '#### Error: '
 do_debug = true

Detailed Description

This class provides abstract display services. It is intended to be subclassed.

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Member Function Documentation

def generalUtils::Display::__call__ (   self,
  addReturn = true 

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def generalUtils::Display::__init__ (   self,
  spacing = 10,
  compression = true,
  truncate = false,
  verbosity = 2 

Defines the options for this display to perform its tasks.
    - spacing: minimum size for a field,
    - compression: if true, a multi-lined field is displayed only on one line,
    - truncate: if true, truncates a field to the maximum length this values provides,
    - verbosity: sets the level of detail of the display, 
    + 0: totally silent,
    + 1: only most important messages are displayed, those which starts by prefixForKeyMessages,
    + 2: all messages are displayed.

Reimplemented in generalUtils::ScreenDisplay.

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def generalUtils::Display::blankLine (   self  ) 

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def generalUtils::Display::debug (   self,
  addReturn = true 

Displays debug message if and only if we are in debug mode.

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def generalUtils::Display::desindent (   self  ) 

Indents one fewer level for normal messages.

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def generalUtils::Display::display (   self,
  addReturn = true 

Displays unconditionnally provided normal message.

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def generalUtils::Display::error (   self,
  addReturn = true 

Displays provided error message.

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def generalUtils::Display::indent (   self  ) 

Indents one more level for normal messages.

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def generalUtils::Display::info (   self,
  addReturn = true 

Displays information message.

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def generalUtils::Display::innerDisplayStandard (   self,

Pure virtual function, to be redefined by implementation classes.
It should have been private, if it could be overridden.

Reimplemented in generalUtils::ScreenDisplay, and generalUtils::FileDisplay.

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def generalUtils::Display::setVerbosity (   self,
  newVerbosity = 2 

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def generalUtils::Display::status (   self  ) 

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def generalUtils::Display::warning (   self,
  addReturn = true 

Displays provided warning message.

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Member Data Documentation

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string generalUtils::Display::debugPrefix = '--> Debug: ' [static]

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string generalUtils::Display::errorPrefix = '#### Error: ' [static]

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string generalUtils::Display::infoPrefix = 'Info: ' [static]

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string generalUtils::Display::warningPrefix = 'Warning: ' [static]

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