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def __init__
def __cmp__
def __repr__
def toString
def addChild
def removeChild
def removeAllChildren
def getChildren
def setContent
def getContent
def dropContent
def searchChildren
def listDepthFirst
def listByHeight
def searchContent
def searchPathToContent
def display

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Detailed Description

Nodes are trees : they can contain other nodes.
Each node can carry a content, whose type is NodeContent.

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Member Function Documentation

def dataUtils::Node::__cmp__ (   self,

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def dataUtils::Node::__init__ (   self,
  newContent = None 

Creates an empty node with no child node.

Reimplemented in dataUtils::NodeExample.

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def dataUtils::Node::__repr__ (   self  ) 

Returns a textual representation of this node's state.

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def dataUtils::Node::addChild (   self,

Adds a child to current node.

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def dataUtils::Node::display (   self  ) 

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def dataUtils::Node::dropContent (   self  ) 

Removes this node's content.

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def dataUtils::Node::getChildren (   self  ) 

Returns this node's children.

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def dataUtils::Node::getContent (   self  ) 

Returns this node's current content.

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def dataUtils::Node::listByHeight (   self,
  first = True 

Walks the tree height by height, starting from root node, and returns the list of 
encountered nodes.

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def dataUtils::Node::listDepthFirst (   self  ) 

Walks the tree depth-first, returns the list of encountered nodes.

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def dataUtils::Node::removeAllChildren (   self  ) 

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def dataUtils::Node::removeChild (   self,

Removes specified child, raises an exception if child not found.

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def dataUtils::Node::searchChildren (   self,

Searches through node's children the first, if any, that has specified content.

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def dataUtils::Node::searchContent (   self,

Searches through internal content and then recursively through children for 
specified content.Returns the first node found having the content, if any.
Otherwise, returns None.
content -> list of nodes

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def dataUtils::Node::searchPathToContent (   self,

Returns, if possible, the path from the first found node whose 
content matches specified content to root node.

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def dataUtils::Node::setContent (   self,

Sets a new content to current node, which must not have already a content.

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def dataUtils::Node::toString (   self,
  offset = 0,
  nextOffset = 0,
  isFirstChild = True 

Returns a stringified description of the tree.
__ a __ b
      |_ c __ d __ e
        |_ f
      |_ g

offset is the current position where to write
nexOffset is the position where children should begin 	

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Member Data Documentation

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Reimplemented in dataUtils::NodeExample.

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