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#include <list>

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struct  Ceylan::Uint64
 This is really just a hack to prevent the compiler from complaining:. More...


namespace  Ceylan
 This part of the Ceylan namespace gathers some convenient string manipulation facilities to be widely used.


 64-bit data types are not supported on all platforms.
#define CEYLAN_COMPILE_TIME_ASSERT(name, x)   typedef int CEYLAN_stop_wrong_size_for_ ## name[(x) * 2 - 1]


typedef signed char Ceylan::Sint8
 Signed 8-bit int (signed char, GLbyte).
typedef unsigned char Ceylan::Uint8
 Unsigned 8-bit int (unsigned char, GLubyte, GLboolean).
typedef char Ceylan::Byte
 char, signed char, and unsigned char are different types.
typedef signed short Ceylan::Sint16
 Signed 16-bit int (signed short, GLshort).
typedef unsigned short Ceylan::Uint16
 Unsigned 16-bit int (unsigned short, GLushort).
typedef signed int Ceylan::Sint32
 Signed 32-bit int (signed int, GLint, GLsizei).
typedef unsigned int Ceylan::Uint32
 Unsigned 32-bit int (unsigned int, GLuint, GLenum, GLbitfield).
typedef signed long Ceylan::SignedLongInteger
 Variable able to store very large signed integer values.
typedef unsigned long Ceylan::UnsignedLongInteger
 Variable able to store very large positive integer values.
typedef struct Ceylan::Uint64 Ceylan::Sint64
typedef float Ceylan::Float32
 Now, floating point numbers.
typedef double Ceylan::Float64
 64-bit doubles a.k.a.
typedef long double Ceylan::LongFloat
 Variable able to store very large (signed) floating-point values.
typedef Ceylan::Uint16 Ceylan::Count
 80-bit long double are non standard.
typedef std::list
< Ceylan::Uint16 >::size_type 
 Variable able to store element for list.
typedef Ceylan::Uint32 Ceylan::Flags
 Flags, fields of 32 bits.


 Ceylan::CEYLAN_COMPILE_TIME_ASSERT (uint8, sizeof(Uint8)==1)
 Ceylan::CEYLAN_COMPILE_TIME_ASSERT (sint8, sizeof(Sint8)==1)
 Ceylan::CEYLAN_COMPILE_TIME_ASSERT (uint16, sizeof(Uint16)==2)
 Ceylan::CEYLAN_COMPILE_TIME_ASSERT (sint16, sizeof(Sint16)==2)
 Ceylan::CEYLAN_COMPILE_TIME_ASSERT (uint32, sizeof(Uint32)==4)
 Ceylan::CEYLAN_COMPILE_TIME_ASSERT (sint32, sizeof(Sint32)==4)
 Ceylan::CEYLAN_COMPILE_TIME_ASSERT (float32, sizeof(Float32)==4)
 Ceylan::CEYLAN_COMPILE_TIME_ASSERT (uint64, sizeof(Uint64)==8)
 Ceylan::CEYLAN_COMPILE_TIME_ASSERT (sint64, sizeof(Sint64)==8)
 Ceylan::CEYLAN_COMPILE_TIME_ASSERT (float64, sizeof(Float64)==8)


CEYLAN_DLL Ceylan::Sint8 Ceylan::Sint8Min = numeric_limits<Ceylan::Sint8>::min()
CEYLAN_DLL Ceylan::Sint8 Ceylan::Sint8Max = numeric_limits<Ceylan::Sint8>::max()
CEYLAN_DLL Ceylan::Uint8 Ceylan::Uint8Min = numeric_limits<Ceylan::Uint8>::min()
CEYLAN_DLL Ceylan::Uint8 Ceylan::Uint8Max = numeric_limits<Ceylan::Uint8>::max()
CEYLAN_DLL Ceylan::Byte Ceylan::ByteMin = numeric_limits<Ceylan::Byte>::min()
CEYLAN_DLL Ceylan::Byte Ceylan::ByteMax = numeric_limits<Ceylan::Byte>::max()
CEYLAN_DLL Ceylan::Sint16 Ceylan::Sint16Min = numeric_limits<Ceylan::Sint16>::min()
CEYLAN_DLL Ceylan::Sint16 Ceylan::Sint16Max = numeric_limits<Ceylan::Sint16>::max()
CEYLAN_DLL Ceylan::Uint16 Ceylan::Uint16Min = numeric_limits<Ceylan::Uint16>::min()
CEYLAN_DLL Ceylan::Uint16 Ceylan::Uint16Max = numeric_limits<Ceylan::Uint16>::max()
CEYLAN_DLL Ceylan::Sint32 Ceylan::Sint32Min = numeric_limits<Ceylan::Sint32>::min()
CEYLAN_DLL Ceylan::Sint32 Ceylan::Sint32Max = numeric_limits<Ceylan::Sint32>::max()
CEYLAN_DLL Ceylan::Uint32 Ceylan::Uint32Min = numeric_limits<Ceylan::Uint32>::min()
CEYLAN_DLL Ceylan::Uint32 Ceylan::Uint32Max = numeric_limits<Ceylan::Uint32>::max()
Ceylan::SignedLongIntegerMin = numeric_limits<Ceylan::SignedLongInteger>::min()
Ceylan::SignedLongIntegerMax = numeric_limits<Ceylan::SignedLongInteger>::max()
Ceylan::UnsignedLongIntegerMin = numeric_limits<Ceylan::UnsignedLongInteger>::min()
Ceylan::UnsignedLongIntegerMax = numeric_limits<Ceylan::UnsignedLongInteger>::max()
CEYLAN_DLL Ceylan::Float32 Ceylan::Float32Min = -numeric_limits<Ceylan::Float32>::max()
CEYLAN_DLL Ceylan::Float32 Ceylan::Float32Max = numeric_limits<Ceylan::Float32>::max()
CEYLAN_DLL Ceylan::Float64 Ceylan::Float64Min = -numeric_limits<Ceylan::Float64>::max()
CEYLAN_DLL Ceylan::Float64 Ceylan::Float64Max = numeric_limits<Ceylan::Float64>::max()
CEYLAN_DLL Ceylan::LongFloat Ceylan::LongFloatMin = -numeric_limits<Ceylan::LongFloat>::max()
CEYLAN_DLL Ceylan::LongFloat Ceylan::LongFloatMax = numeric_limits<Ceylan::LongFloat>::max()

Define Documentation

 )     typedef int CEYLAN_stop_wrong_size_for_ ## name[(x) * 2 - 1]

Definition at line 535 of file CeylanTypes.h.


64-bit data types are not supported on all platforms.

See also:
Low level APIs which manage them (ex: SDL, with SDL_types.h).
Our definitions for 64-bit data types come directly from SDL (http://www.libsdl.org), many thanks to the SDL community!
We did not want Ceylan to depend on any other non-system library, we therefore chose not to include SDL headers here. Moreover this concern is very close to the platform, and does not depend on other parts of SDL. We therefore adapted the SDL code.

Ceylan uses for this topic The Simple DirectMedia Layer library, that is currently available under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 2 or newer, which can be found online at: http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lgpl.html. This library is therefore included under the terms of the LGPL license.

See also:
COPYING.LIB under our src directory. The source code for this 1.2.9 version of SDL and the full source of Ceylan are available from the internet, in their respective official web sites: htpp://libsdl.org and http://ceylan.sourceforge.net

Definition at line 351 of file CeylanTypes.h.

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