Log system's User Guide

This document explains how to use Ceylan's Log system and how it works.

Basically, the Log system is made of a Log interface, which describes the contract any Log implementation should fulfill. A basic Log implementation is provided with Ceylan, LogPlugClassical, an a more elaborate one, producing HTML log websites for easier browsing, LogPlugHTML . For direct output on the console, one should use LogPlugConsole.

The Log messages are to be sent to Log channels. There are five default Log channels available :

When a Log message is sent, a level of detail (an unsigned integer) is to be chosen for it. Indeed, each Log listener has its own level of detail too, and a Log listener won't output any Log message whose level of detail is strictly higher than its own registered level : the smaller the number of a level of detail is, the more important the informations it is carrying are.

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Last update: Monday, January 3, 2011