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News we posted through our SourceForge's tools are available, even if we even less frequently update them.

2012, October 1, Monday
Tool update, first step for newer works.
2011, January 3, Monday
Developments restarted again at higher speed, mainly driven by the needs of our game DARM.
2010, November 29, Monday
Various updates to prepare for DARM.
2010, August 4, Wednesday
Newer "Zero-Overhead" WOOPER being prepared for actual use.
2010, June 4, Friday
Lots of work done on the Common, WOOPER and Traces layers.
2010, March 11, Thursday
Lots of Erlang code added, including in order to compute the convex hull and the Minimum Enclosing Circle (MEC) of a polygon. For example, the (random-generated) polygon is rendered in blue, the convex hull in red, and the corresponding MEC is represented:
Minimum Enclosing Circle
2010, February 6, Saturday
Build fully restored (32/64 bits).
2010, January 17, Sunday
Porting Ceylan to 64-bit GNU/Linux (Ubuntu Karmic Koala).
2009, August 9, Sunday
Rather minor updates performed on Erlang and shell scripts.
2009, July 10, Friday
Improvements regarding, among others, the template-based MVC framework.
2009, June 4, Thursday
Some fixes and improvements in logs and filesystem management. Erlang resource indexing tool added.
2009, April 20, Monday
First sets of exception specifications are being removed: as discussed in the developer guide, using them was actually a mistake.
2009, April 4, Saturday
The Ceylan 0.7 version has been released!
2009, March 26, Thursday
A new version of WOOPER (0.3) has just been released. Enjoy!
2009, March 5, Thursday
Very useful python script added, to cleanly set-up references to back-up directories.
2009, February 13, Friday
Various fixes and improvements performed on the log system.
2008, February 8, Friday
Various additions integrated for the OSDL port on the DS.
2007, December 21, Friday
WOOPER 0.2 released! This new stable version allows still easier and faster OOP constructs to be used with Erlang.
2007, November 18, Sunday
Ceylan IPC subsystem for the Nintendo DS finished after tremendous efforts, see its documentation here.
2007, October 22, Monday
License extended, went from pure LGPL to disjunctive bi-license LGPL/GPL. It allows developers using GPL software to use Ceylan as well.
2007, October 2, Tuesday
Port to the Nintendo DS successful, release of the Ceylan 0.6 version. Start of the 0.7 one.
2007, September 4, Tuesday
First step of filesystem generalization achieved.
2007, July 21, Saturday
WOOPER (Wrapper for OOP in Erlang) released.
2007, July 13, Friday
Getting ready for cross-compilation to the Nintendo DS.
2007, March 28, Wednesday
Development on the 0.6 version started.
2007, March 20, Tuesday
Many small fixes and additional services added in support of the OSDL 0.4 version. This will lead to a Ceylan 0.5 version once ported again to Windows, tested and released at the same time as OSDL will be released.
2007, February 3, Sunday
Many improvements in the build (autotools) and documentation systems integrated. Lot of reformattig as well: 80 character width enforced.
2006, December 9
Ceylan 0.4 released! This version includes a custom-made XML parser (read/write in file and in a DOM-like tree in memory), and adds three supported platforms: Windows XP, Solaris 9, and OpenBSD 3.8. No new Ceylan version scheduled before some time (at most bug fixes only in the next months), since work will mainly happen on OSDL from now.
2006, September 12
Ceylan 0.3 released! This version is a major milestone, and is very different from the 0.2 version. We aimed at an increased portability (GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, et NetBSD, 32 or 64 bit) and modularity (full autotools support added). A lot of efforts for this version went to the networking support.
2005, November 29
Some more basic datatypes added. Thinking to a FreeBSD port.
2005, October 4
After some holidays and much pleasant time passed reading Harry Potter, Clonable interface has been proof-tested, gcc 3.4.x is now supported, toString operations have been improved for non-base 10 outputs. Some scripts added as well.
2005, September 2
ResourceManager classes have been improved again, now they are (hopefully) in their final state, as extensive testing showed.
2005, July 15
A smart policy-based resource cache, based on C++ inherited templates, has been added and tested, after more efforts than expected. Very convenient for example to cache precomputed glyphs for a text rendering system.
2005, April 12
Some basic character support (Latin-1, Unicode, UTF-8) has been added.
2005, February 27
Listener-driven and source-driven MVC framework finished and fully tested, scheduling and time management improved.
2005, February 11
A reverse (listener-based) MVC framework is needed by OSDL scheduler scheme, so Ceylan is adding specialized MVC support.
2005, January 14
Oops, forgot to update the Ceylan news for a while! Plenty of new developements added, including a powerful HTML logging, linear algebra (including 4x4 homogeneous transformations), referential trees, Model-View-Controller framework, and many more features...
2004, February 13
News section at last inaugurated! As our game creation club was heavily working on OSDL, little time was available to set up Ceylan's website. Some improvements are being made now, at last.
2004, in the beginning
Ceylan's 0.2 version was started, since the 0.1 had been screwed up by a mistake with cvs import. Not that glorious!

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