Welcome to the Ceylan Project

The Ceylan project has for goal to provide a free portable high-level open-source general-purpose C++ library.

It has been created in order to gather generic developments, notably needed in the context of the OSDL project.

The library is now stable and mature, thanks to intensive testing and daily practical use.

Over time a somewhat similar layer has been developed for Erlang as well (see the Common, WOOPER and Traces layers in SVN here), as a support to the Erlang-based part of OSDL (i.e. Orge).

The Ceylan library is released under a disjunctive LGPL/GPL bi-license (choose the one that you prefer).

From here, we recommend that you have a look to:

Finally, if a technical matter remains unclear, drop us a line so that we can add the relevant documentation section.

We hope that Ceylan might be of interest for your projects!

Last update: Monday, October 1, 2012