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namespace  introspection


def introspection::showDict
def introspection::showMethods
def introspection::showDataMembers
def introspection::showLoadedModules
def introspection::showObjectSymbolTable
def introspection::showCurrentLocalSymbolTable
def introspection::inspectModule
def introspection::inspectClass
def introspection::inspectMethod
def introspection::inspectFunction


string introspection::__file__ = ""
string introspection::__title__ = "This is the introspection module, made to retrieve easily informations about python objects."
string introspection::__version__ = "0.2"
string introspection::__author__ = "Olivier Boudeville ("
string introspection::__project__ = "Ceylan"
string introspection::__creationDate__ = "2001, August 23"
string introspection::__comments__ = "Use its own introspection capabilities to discover what this module can do !"
string introspection::__source__ = "Mark Pilgrim,, and al."
string introspection::__doc__ = '\n'

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