Returns a File reference on a newly created file. By default, it creates a new file on disk. If the name corresponds to an already-existing file, it will be truncated and overwritten.

filename the name of the file.
createFlag the flag describing the creation mode.
permissionFlag the flag describing the requested permissions. On platforms that do not manage permissions, this parameter will be ignored.
See also:
OpeningFlag, PermissionFlag
File factory, to be used instead of a specific File subclass constructor, so that it can return a File instance that is actually a specialized one (ex: a StandardFile, not an abstract File).

FileException,including FileCreationFailed if the operation failed or is not supported on this platform, or FileDelegatingException if the relevant filesystem manager could not be retrieved.
 File & myFile = File::Create( "myfilename" ) ;
 myFile.write( "Hello Ceylan!" ) ;
 delete & myFile ;

Ceylan::Holder can be used as well to simplify the management of the lifecycle of File instances.

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