CeylanXML.h File Reference

#include "CeylanException.h"
#include <string>
#include <map>

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class  Ceylan::XML::XMLException
 Exception to be raised when an XML operation failed. More...


namespace  Ceylan
 This part of the Ceylan namespace gathers some convenient string manipulation facilities to be widely used.
namespace  Ceylan::XML
 Gathers all XML-related operations, including parsing.


typedef std::string Ceylan::XML::MarkupName
 Name of an XML markup.
typedef std::string Ceylan::XML::AttributeName
 Name of an XML attribute.
typedef std::string Ceylan::XML::AttributeValue
 Value of an XML attribute.
typedef std::map
< AttributeName,
AttributeValue > 
 Dictionary of name/value pairs.


const std::string Ceylan::XML::Latin1WithEuroEncoding = "ISO-8859-15"
 ISO-8859-15 is the 'Latin-1 with euro' encoding.
const char Ceylan::XML::LowerThan = '<'
 The '<' character.
const char Ceylan::XML::HigherThan = '>'
 The '>' character.
const char Ceylan::XML::DoubleQuote = '"'
 The '"' character.
const char Ceylan::XML::Equal = '='
 The '=' character.
const char Ceylan::XML::QuestionMark = '?'
 The '?' character.
const char Ceylan::XML::ExclamationMark = '!'
 The '!' character.
const char Ceylan::XML::Slash = '/'
 The '/' character.
const char Ceylan::XML::EndOfLine = 0x0A
 In XML, ends of line are always coded with only the LF (0x0A) character, even on platforms such as Windows where it is usually CR-LF.

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