CeylanSignal.h File Reference

#include "CeylanTypes.h"
#include "CeylanSystem.h"
#include <string>

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class  Ceylan::System::Signal::SignalException
 Mother class for all signal-related exceptions. More...


namespace  Ceylan
 This part of the Ceylan namespace gathers some convenient string manipulation facilities to be widely used.
namespace  Ceylan::System
 General system calls and properties.
namespace  Ceylan::System::Signal


typedef void(* Ceylan::System::Signal::SignalHandler )(int)
 SignalHandler is a pointer to function.
typedef Ceylan::Uint16 Ceylan::System::Signal::SignalNumber
 Signal numbers, as described in the original POSIX.1 standard.


CEYLAN_DLL void Ceylan::System::Signal::setToDefaultHandler (SignalNumber signalNumber)
 Sets the default handler for the specified signal.
CEYLAN_DLL void Ceylan::System::Signal::ignore (SignalNumber signalNumber)
 Ignores specified signal from now on.
CEYLAN_DLL void Ceylan::System::Signal::setHandler (SignalNumber signalNumber, SignalHandler newHandler)
 Sets a new handler for the specified signal type.
CEYLAN_DLL void Ceylan::System::Signal::raise (SignalNumber signalNumber)
 Raises the specified signal: sends the signal to the current process.
CEYLAN_DLL const std::string Ceylan::System::Signal::toString (SignalNumber signalNumber)
 Returns a user-friendly description of the signal.


CEYLAN_DLL const SignalHandler Ceylan::System::Signal::IgnoringHandler = 0
 Pre-defined handler which ignores signals.
CEYLAN_DLL const SignalHandler Ceylan::System::Signal::DefaultHandler = 0
 The default handler, triggering the corresponding action as defined for the actual signal (ignore, terminate, core dump, etc.
CEYLAN_DLL const SignalNumber Ceylan::System::Signal::HangUp = 1
 Hangup detected on controlling terminal or death of controlling process (SIGHUP).
CEYLAN_DLL const SignalNumber Ceylan::System::Signal::InterruptFromKeyboard = 2
 Interrupt from keyboard (SIGINT).
CEYLAN_DLL const SignalNumber Ceylan::System::Signal::QuitFromKeyboard = 3
 Quit from keyboard (SIGQUIT).
CEYLAN_DLL const SignalNumber Ceylan::System::Signal::IllegalInstruction = 4
 Illegal Instruction (SIGILL).
CEYLAN_DLL const SignalNumber Ceylan::System::Signal::Abort = 5
 Abort signal from abort (SIGABRT).
CEYLAN_DLL const SignalNumber Ceylan::System::Signal::FloatingPointException = 6
 Floating point exception (SIGFPE).
CEYLAN_DLL const SignalNumber Ceylan::System::Signal::Kill = 7
 Kill signal (SIGKILL).
CEYLAN_DLL const SignalNumber Ceylan::System::Signal::InvalidMemoryReference = 8
 Invalid memory reference (SIGSEGV).
CEYLAN_DLL const SignalNumber Ceylan::System::Signal::BrokenPipe = 9
 Broken pipe: write to pipe with no readers (SIGPIPE).
CEYLAN_DLL const SignalNumber Ceylan::System::Signal::TimerSignal = 10
 Timer signal from alarm (SIGALRM).
CEYLAN_DLL const SignalNumber Ceylan::System::Signal::Termination = 11
 Termination signal (SIGTERM).
CEYLAN_DLL const SignalNumber Ceylan::System::Signal::FirstUserDefined = 12
 First user-defined signal (SIGUSR1).
CEYLAN_DLL const SignalNumber Ceylan::System::Signal::SecondUserDefined = 13
 Second user-defined signal (SIGUSR2).
CEYLAN_DLL const SignalNumber Ceylan::System::Signal::ChildEnded = 14
 Child stopped or terminated (SIGCHLD).
CEYLAN_DLL const SignalNumber Ceylan::System::Signal::Continue = 15
 Continue if stopped (SIGCONT).
CEYLAN_DLL const SignalNumber Ceylan::System::Signal::Stop = 16
 Stop process (SIGSTOP).
CEYLAN_DLL const SignalNumber Ceylan::System::Signal::TtyStopped = 17
 Stop typed at tty (SIGTSTP).
CEYLAN_DLL const SignalNumber Ceylan::System::Signal::TtyInput = 18
 tty input for background process (SIGTTIN).
CEYLAN_DLL const SignalNumber Ceylan::System::Signal::TtyOutput = 19
 tty output for background process (SIGTTOU).

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