CeylanFeatures.h File Reference

#include "CeylanException.h"
#include "CeylanTypes.h"
#include <string>

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class  Ceylan::Features::FeatureNotAvailableException
 To be raised whenever a feature is not available on the target platform for the currently linked Ceylan library. More...


namespace  Ceylan
 This part of the Ceylan namespace gathers some convenient string manipulation facilities to be widely used.
namespace  Ceylan::Features
 Optional features can be requested and used, if available.


CEYLAN_DLL void Ceylan::Features::checkForSupportedFeatures (Ceylan::Flags featuresFlag)
 Checks that the version of the Ceylan library currently linked supports the specified feature(s).
CEYLAN_DLL bool Ceylan::Features::areRegularExpressionsSupported ()
 Tells whether regular expressions are supported.
CEYLAN_DLL bool Ceylan::Features::isMultithreadingSupported ()
 Tells whether multithreading is supported.
CEYLAN_DLL bool Ceylan::Features::isNetworkingSupported ()
 Tells whether network operations are supported.
CEYLAN_DLL bool Ceylan::Features::areFileDescriptorsSupported ()
 Tells whether file descriptors are supported.
CEYLAN_DLL bool Ceylan::Features::areSymbolicLinksSupported ()
 Tells whether symbolic links are supported.
CEYLAN_DLL bool Ceylan::Features::areAdvancedFileAttributesSupported ()
 Tells whether advanced file attributes are supported.
CEYLAN_DLL bool Ceylan::Features::areFileLocksSupported ()
 Tells whether file locks are supported.
CEYLAN_DLL bool Ceylan::Features::isAdvancedProcessManagementSupported ()
 Tells whether advanced process management is supported.
CEYLAN_DLL bool Ceylan::Features::arePluginsSupported ()
 Tells whether plugins are supported.
CEYLAN_DLL bool Ceylan::Features::areSignalsSupported ()
 Tells whether signals are supported.
CEYLAN_DLL const std::string Ceylan::Features::describeAvailableFeatures ()
 Returns a textual description of the optional features available with the Ceylan version currently linked.


CEYLAN_DLL const Ceylan::Flags Ceylan::Features::RegularExpressions = 0x00000001
 Designates the regular expression support feature.
CEYLAN_DLL const Ceylan::Flags Ceylan::Features::Multithreading = 0x00000002
 Designates the multithreading support feature.
CEYLAN_DLL const Ceylan::Flags Ceylan::Features::Networking = 0x00000004
 Designates the network support feature.
CEYLAN_DLL const Ceylan::Flags Ceylan::Features::FileDescriptors = 0x00000008
 Designates the file descriptor feature.
CEYLAN_DLL const Ceylan::Flags Ceylan::Features::SymbolicLinks = 0x00000010
 Designates the symbolic link feature.
CEYLAN_DLL const Ceylan::Flags Ceylan::Features::AdvancedFileAttributes = 0x00000020
 Designates the advanced file attribute feature, which includes the management, for filesystem elements, of additional:
  • opening flags (non-blocking/synchronous)
  • file attributes (beyond 'owner' permissions: 'group' and 'other').

CEYLAN_DLL const Ceylan::Flags Ceylan::Features::FileLocks = 0x00000040
 Designates the file lock feature, for reading and/or writing.
CEYLAN_DLL const Ceylan::Flags Ceylan::Features::AdvancedProcessManagement = 0x00000080
 Designates the advanced process management feature, for fine-grained featureful process control.
CEYLAN_DLL const Ceylan::Flags Ceylan::Features::Plugins = 0x00000100
 Designates the plugin feature, for dynamic loading a shared objects.
CEYLAN_DLL const Ceylan::Flags Ceylan::Features::Signals = 0x00000200
 Designates the signal feature, for UNIX-style process signals.

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