CeylanEndomorphism.h File Reference

#include "CeylanLinear.h"
#include "CeylanMathsBasic.h"
#include "CeylanVector3.h"
#include <string>

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class  Ceylan::Maths::Linear::Endomorphism2DFunctor
 Functor encapsulating a 2D endomorphism. More...
class  Ceylan::Maths::Linear::Rotation2DFunctor
 Functor of 2D rotation of specified angle. More...
class  Ceylan::Maths::Linear::Endomorphism3DFunctor
 Functor encapsulating a 3D endomorphism. More...
class  Ceylan::Maths::Linear::LineProjection3DFunctor
 Functor of a line projection on specified axis. More...
class  Ceylan::Maths::Linear::Rotation3DFunctor
 Functor for 3D rotation relative to specified axis, of specified angle. More...


namespace  Ceylan
 This part of the Ceylan namespace gathers some convenient string manipulation facilities to be widely used.
namespace  Ceylan::Maths
 Contains all maths-related operations and constants.
namespace  Ceylan::Maths::Linear
 Gathers all linear-based computations, main geometric.

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